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What is the High School & Beyond Plan (HSBP)?

The HSBP is developed around three guiding questions: Who am I? What can I become? How do I become that?

The HSBP is a graduation requirement for every student. It’s a tool that helps you create plans for your future. Once you have started your plan, family members and teachers can easily help you navigate and complete it. Complete the HSBP lessons online by following the instructional videos share during your rally classes. Click here to get started or continue with your plan!

Current list of HSBP lessons shared in 21-22 school year
Watch the videos in the order below and complete each task to make sure you are on track to meet your graduation requirement. (After we show a new video in Rally, we’ll add it to this list throughout the school year, so check back for updates!)

Career Planner: Preferences Self-Assessment (4:58)

Future Ready Skills: Self-Directed Learner (3:29)

Future Ready Skills: Community Contributor (3:20)

Career Planner: Reality Check (6:05)

Career Planner: Research Careers (5:03)

Career Planner: Assemble Your Portfolio | Build Resume (3:02)

HSBP Recap Video (4:20)

Career Planner: Interests Self-Assessment (2:28)

Future Ready Skills: Effective Communicator (4:26)

Career Planner: Update Your Portfolio (2:39)

Career Planner: Skills Self-Assessment (3:13)


Questions? Need help with your HSBP?

Contact Amy Blackwood (High School & Beyond Coordinator)