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Financial Aid

Financial Aid Support Workshops! In-person and virtual offerings available.

See the Futures Northwest Event Calendar

Sign ups are encouraged for most events so they can be appropriately staffed.

Financial Aid Calculator – get an idea of what you might qualify for!

Check out this information padlet on all things financial aid!


*Seniors, you must complete the FAFSA to begin the Financial Aid process!*


Start Here:    FAFSA website  WASFA website

How to apply for Financial Aid VIDEO

Creating an FSA ID VIDEO

Financial Aid Training (Step-by-step) VIDEO

I have two parents, who do I use for my FAFSA? PDF

Who’s information will I need for my FAFSA? PDF VIDEO

What is the true cost of college? VIDEO

I was chosen for verification, what do I do? VIDEO

I got my Financial Aid Award. Now what? PDF VIDEO

Collegebound Scholarship VIDEO

Special Circumstances? Free FAFSA Assistant

Helpful Planning Sheet

I don’t think I will qualify. Should I still apply? Yes, and here’s why!


Have more questions? Contact 

Lauren Kackley (High School & Beyond Coordinator)

Joe Wooding (AVID Teacher)

Aimee Bachmeier (Counselor)


Other helpful contacts:

Ashley at FuturesNW

Christina at WSAC