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Course Offerings

Options High School offers a wide variety of academic classes each quarter. We teach the courses students need in order to meet district graduation requirements.

Click here for the current high school catalog. See page 11 for Options High offerings.

Because of our size, we are not always able to offer students every course they need, when they need it. In these situations, we send our students to Extended Learning to complete a contract in the desired subject area, or to a neighboring high school in the district. Another option for our students is to enroll in the Running Start Program at Whatcom Community College or Bellingham Technical College.

Daily Advisory

Advisory class serves as our ‘Welcome to Options High’ orientation for students new to OHS. It is an opportunity for students to become familiar with OHS, its protocols & unique offerings.  In addition, Advisory is a unique course designed to teach students real life skills necessary to be successful in three broad areas (Personal, Academic, Career). Personal asks the question, “Who Am I?” Students explore who they are, how they learn best, and where they see themselves in the future. Academic considers what knowledge & skills are necessary for success during and after high school (i.e organization, time management, & prioritizing). Career lessons offer additional focus on job skills, preparedness and career exploration as well as career interests and aptitudes.

Students will participate in a variety of lessons and activities designed to develop critical skills for employment and academic success. We may also have guest speakers from our community so students can learn first-hand about opportunities and careers available to them locally.

Some lessons include:




  Learning Styles   Note Taking & Study Skills   Career exploration
  Organization Skills   College scholarships, FAFSA   Resume Writing
  Community Building   Running Start   Budgeting & Finances
  Achieving Goals   High school Graduation Req.   Guest Speakers
  Brain Study   College Exploration   Job Shadow, Internship


Extended Learning

The Extended Learning Program is designed to provide students with independent study contracts for completing coursework in a variety of subjects, such as math, english, social studies, science, and electives. Students may choose to custom design their contract or choose from existing contracts.

The students use a variety of resources (GradPoint on-line classes, the internet, textbooks, collaborative small groups, primary source documents etc.) to investigate their content and show their learning in creative and unique ways.

Students are encouraged to explore Project Based Learning and other alternative learning and performance measures to demonstrate their learning.

Project Based Learning

Options High School embeds projects in their academic classes. These projects are exhibited or performed to a variety of different audiences. Learning does not always look the same for every student. Opportunities exist to demonstrate learning through video documentaries, reader’s theatre, mock court cases and presentations that show learning and understanding on a deeper level.

One example is the Environmental Science Class’s involvement with the Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association. They work to reclaim endangered habitats and record scientific data necessary to practice critical thinking, research skills, organizational plannning and collaboration. This class will give a presentation of their project and a guided tour at the site.



Agile Mind


Smarter Balanced Practice Tests